Rockets Point Guard John Wall is expected to be out through the weekend according to Adam Wexler of SportsTalk 790. He has missed the past 4 games with a left knee injury. Wall will likely be replaced by Houston’s new backcourt member Victor Olidipo, who was acquired through the James Harden deal.

Rockets guard John Wall out until next week -

The continuation of the Wall injury is detrimental to the Rocket’s depth, as Wall is the only true point guard on the roster, according to ESPN’s depth charts.

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Wall was making a big impact for the Rockets, averaging 18.6 points per game along with 5 assists. However, Wall was inconsistent this season, only scoring more than 15 points on 2 occasions. He did have a steal in 4 games, which is a good sight to see, as he shows a bit of his former self.

John Wall looks pretty great for the Rockets after spending two years on  the sidelines -

The Rockets play the Pistons on Friday, with hopes to end a 9 game stretch with only 2 wins, over the Suns and the Magic.

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