“Right now, no one has really solidified minutes, solidified starters and bench players. So it’s going into camp, going into the season with the right mindset that I really want to play this year. So I’m going to have to figure out a way to stay on the court and get minutes. So I’m really not worried about the trades and everything else. I’m just worried about getting in the rotation and being on the court.”

The incremental improvement of Kevin Knox - Posting and Toasting

This is what Knicks’ 4th year forward Kevin Knox told the New York Post when asked if he will be a Knick for the entirety of the upcoming season.

Knox was selected 9th overall in the 2018 NBA draft by the Knicks and was among the same draft class as Knicks center Mitchell Robinson.

Ever since his rookie season, Knox has had to work hard for minutes with the Knicks. However, he still averaged 28.8 minutes per game that year.

However in the next season, as the head coach transferred from David Fizdale to Mike Miller, Knox only played 17.9 minutes a game.

And then once Tom Thibodeau became the coach, Knox only played in 42 games and averaged 11 minutes in each one.

When it comes to the possibility, Knox has not garnered much interest from around the league. However, the Cleveland Cavaliers were very interested in drafting him, and have remained interested in him as of now.

Kevin Knox will miss Summer League due to health and safety protocols -  Posting and Toasting

With the recent cut of Luka Vildoza from the Knicks roster, Knox’s spot seems as though it may be secure. However, this does not mean he will not be traded. The Knicks have a large draft class coming in, five rookies, and may want to give some of those players NBA minuets.

The Knicks are full of young players, and it seems as though Knox’s time is running out. If he wants to live up to his top-10 pick potential, he will have to prove it soon, or he won’t have another chance.

By Myst