The Brooklyn Nets seem to have everything going in their favor this season. Their roster is loaded with talent, and their coaching staff is experienced. This team has veterans who are on their search for a first title, and former champions who know how to keep the locker room in shape to win a title.

In the words of 4x all-star Paul Milsap, “We’re a deep team and we’ll use that for the rest of the year.” Milsap is new to the Nets this season and is among more new Nets. This includes the likes of veterans such as Patty Mills and LaMarcus Aldridge, and developing talents like Jevon Carter and Cam Thomas.

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It is abundantly clear that everyone wants to be there according to Milsap. He stated, “I’m just fortunate to be a part of this group — Everybody is in there to win, the ultimate goal.” Good chemistry can be as valuable to a title run as a team’s roster, and it’s clear that the Nets are doing all they can to have the best chemistry possible.

Steve Nash spoke about the team chemistry before their preseason game against the Lakers on October 3rd. He told reporters “It’s a long season so we have plenty of time to figure things out.

“It’s really important to find the balance and to find the personalities that mesh — We have a lot of guys with different styles and backgrounds.”

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Nash knows the team chemistry is not perfect just yet, but it seems as though he is optimistic that the chemistry will work itself out in due time.

PG Patty Mills, a first-year Net, also spoke about the team’s chemistry, saying “There will be ups and downs during the season, but you welcome all of that — All of that starts in the locker room.”

The Nets surely will be entertaining to watch on the floor, but it will also be interesting to watch out for how their team chemistry improves over the season. This story goes hand in hand with Nets PG Kyrie Irving’s vaccination status, which could cause chemistry issues.

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