Kemba Walker was the best thing to happen to the Charlotte Hornets in the past few seasons. And when he left it was one of the worst.

They were unable to keep their young superstar and franchise cornerstone happy, and he had no reason to stay there. The Hornets went back to the drawing board and threw 17 million dollars for 3 seasons at the Celtics backup PG Terry Rozier as a Hail Mary to win a few games. 

Kemba played a long time in Charolette, but without any success. this was one of the main factors in his decision to leave for Boston in the 2019 free agency.

However, everyone knew the Hornets would suck. Were they tanking? Probably not. 

They had done all they could to contend behind Kemba, and their roster had not changed much since. Yes, Rozier was a downgrade. And yet, the Hornets were able to outdo the expectations of being the worst teams in the league. Behind the breakout season of former benchwarmer Devonte Graham, the Hornets found a bit of success in the shortened season. They didn’t make the playoffs or even get close, but they didn’t tank. They played by the NBA’s rules. They gave it their all and won games, even if it meant a lower draft pick. 

Devonte Graham, who’s name was mentioned often in the most improved player race.

And just a few days ago, they landed the 3rd overall picks dan chance at a franchise building block. They did what the NBA wanted them to do and got a fair reward. 

Now for what to do with the pick is another story. They are really in need of one main position. A center. With Wiseman and Edwards likely off the board, there are two options and only two options. Lamelo Ball, or trade down. 

Everyone knows and loves Lamelo Ball’s potential and wants to see him succeed. And I think he can do that. However many teams would be better fits for Ball, and they likely have the assets to trade for that pick, and consequentially Lamelo Ball. 

Without a clear #1 player from this draft, Ball count fall to Charolette at pick number three.

Nonetheless, they should only trade the pick if they can get a lot get value from it and if they deem it valuable enough. But if we can take anything away from this, we know that playing the NBAs way gets you places. 

By Myst