Welcome to The Hoops Market. This weekly column will be a report on the basketball “stock market”. I will talk about values going up, going down, and then taking a look into the options market, where I predict some values that could see significant rises or drops in the upcoming weeks. Values can be players, teams, front office members, coaches, or anything basketball-related.

This week’s article will include Kevin Porter Jr.’s amazing performance on Thursday night, the teams on the outside looking in for the playoff race, and the tight MVP race. Teams have moved in and out of the playoff picture, and the MVP race looks to eliminate just one more player.

Kevin Porter Jr: Trending Up

Kevin Porter Jr. scores career-high 50 points as Rockets stun Bucks

Despite having an extremely inconsistent season so far, Kevin Porter Jr (KPJ) had one of the most impressive performances to date. Porter Jr. had 50 points and totaled 11 assists as well. This made him the youngest player to score 50+ points and dish out 10+ assists. This groups him with some elite company. The previous record-holder was Lebron James himself, who did it at age 23. Porter Jr. turns 21 on May 4th.

The Golden State Warriors Playoff Odds: Trending Down

Warriors: Steph Curry face is first NBA meme of the 2020-21 season

As of April 22nd, the Warriors have a 48% chance of making it to the NBA playoffs. As of April 30th, that number has dropped all the way down to just 36%. (Stats courtesy of 538) With the amount of time left for the Warriors decreasing rapidly, their path to the playoffs becomes increasingly harder. While they currently hold the 10th seed with a strong grip, they would have to win a pair of very hard games just to make it to the 8th seed. Miracles happen, but it looks extremely unlikely that a miracle can save this Warriors team.

Nikola Jokic MVP Odds: Trending Up

Two NBA Scouts Discuss Nikola Jokic's Disappointing Start: Is It A Big  Issue?

Jokic posted a stellar month of April, averaging 24 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists. Despite these incredible stats, it was one of his worst scoring months this year. However, as the list of MVP candidates shortens, Jokic seems to have the award won at this point. He has missed no games this season, has the highest RAPTOR of players with over 25 minutes this season, and the Nuggets currently have a 42-21 record, landing them at the 4th seed. He has been available to his team, his team is winning, and he is their best player. Jokic has all the requeirments to be the 2021 MVP, and there is almost no doubt that he will.

The Options Market

The options market will resume next week, as I will have more time to prepare for that column.

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