The quickness of a young Derrick Rose, with a killer jump-shot? On the offensive end, Ziaire Williams has the tools to do it all, and if he can pull it all together, it’s just a matter of time before he takes over the league.

As a Highschool senior, Williams’ had all the lights shown on him, and the rest of the seniors at Sierra Canyon. The arrival of Lebron James Jr. put the school in the spotlight, and Ziaire Williams in the middle of it all. Williams was unraked according to ESPN in 2019 but came in at 7 for 2020. The cause of this? The one and only Bronny James.

Williams was heavily recruited but ultimately chose Stanford. He received offers from many prestigious schools such as UCLA, UNC, and Duke. Now the 6″8 185 lb. small forward is playing at one of the best academic schools in the USA; all while on the road to the NBA.

Williams played in his opening games over the past few days, and there’s a lot to unpack from it. Williams showed his three-point prowess as much as he has in the past but shot them at a lower rate.

Not only this, but Williams is inefficient off the drive despite his quick ball-handling skills and ability to blow by defenders. But he still is unable to manufacture points on the inside, or even get to the line. Williams lacks muscle, and on the court looks like a bullyable person. It is easy to make a last-second contest on his shots, and hopefully, he will miss them. He often throws up uncoordinated shots and misses a lot of them.

Experienced NBA defenders will feast on his one toned offensive game, and will feel comfortable giving him open lanes to drive. Williams can fix this in an instant, but it will take time to get results.

By Myst