The draft is soon, and in most years we see a bit of news, but rarely something big. This year could be a hit more of the same. However, this year’s draft could bring some breaking news as well as a lot of smaller trades. Here are three scenarios that I think should, and will happen come draft night 2020.

Scenario One: Celtics Trade-Up

The Celtics have stockpiled assets over the years, and it has lead to them getting three first round picks in this years draft, at 14, 26 and 30. Because they are contending, I do not expect the Celts to make all of these picks. While they could use the young assets, there are an overhaul of rumors about trading up, or trading for a player with all these assets. It is unclear who they will try to target in trade blocks, but it is a given that they will try to make a deal. ]

Scenario Two: Warriors trade Number 2

The Warriors are picking at number 2 this year after an onslaught of injuries prevented them from continuing their finals streak. However, after landing the #2 pick, the Warriors have the chance to trade for a star with their pick, and they are expected to do just that. They likely can get a good player and if they can they have the chance to be the winners of draft night.

Scenario Three: Wiseman, Ball and Edwards all go top 3

Lamelo Ball

While this is already likely, I think it should just be said for certain. There is no way that any of these guys fall out of the top 3. For all of them to potential is there, and there is no way that the Hornets, third overall pick, back out of taking one of them for a different player.

By Myst