A very large majority of NBA players were selected at some point during the draft. However, going undrafted does not mean they will not have success. A member of the All-Rookie first team in 2020, Oakland University’s Kendrick Nunn was passed on 60 times during the 2018 draft. As anyone can see, he is a quite talented ballplayer. After the 2020 draft, there were quite a few talented student-athletes who did not hear their names called.

Killian Tillie was a four-star big out of Paris and went to Gonzaga for college ball. After his first and second seasons, he felt that he was not ready for the NBA. However, during his junior season, injury struck. His next couple of years were riddled with many maladies. When healthy, he is a great athlete and can pull in the boards. Seeing a chance for him, the Memphis Grizzlies offered him a contract and hope that he can stay healthy. If he can, Ja may have another star to play alongside.

Markus Howard was top-tier during his time at Marquette. His one downside was his 5’9″ frame. Besides his size, he is everything a star is made of. He had some 45 point games as a junior against ranked opponents, so not too shabby. For a historic conference, Howard has the Big East scoring record. His last year he led the NCAA with 27.8 PPG. Even though he is on the older side and smaller, he is a skilled guard. The Denver Nuggets gave him a contract, hoping that he can make some sort of an impact behind Jamal Murray.

Anthony Lamb was the face of America East during his time there. His best year was 2019, where he was an honorable mention All-American. With a career-high 42 points of St. Bonaventure, Lamb has shown he has the skill to play against a decent squad and not just the low-level competition Vermont faced. Even though his team lost, he put up 30 against UVA. He didn’t have the team around him, but he tried his best. The Detroit Pistons wanted to see if he can play at the world’s highest competition and see they will.

Devon Dotson came from Blueblood Kansas. As a five star out of high school, he was quite a prospect. Sadly, he did not live up to the hype and went back to school. After his second season, averaging 18, 4, and 4, he felt ready to go pro. He only had a career-high of 31 points, but he was playing Big XII for Kansas. From five-star to undrafted, that might be quite disappointing. However, the Chicago Bulls decided to pick him up and add more youth to their team.

By Myst