With the #1 overall pick the Cleveland Cavaliers select: Lebron James

Even while being one of the best prospects in NBA history, Bron has proved to not only match expectations but exceed them. He has won 3 titles with both the Cavs and the Heat. Not only this, but over the years Lebron has solidified himself as not only one of the greats, but possibly the greatest of all time.

With the #2 overall pick the Detroit Pistons select Dwayne Wade

While in the draft Wade slipped to 5 and landed with the Heat, he would have been a great replacement for the aging Isaiah Thomas. Wade has captured 3 titles in 15 seasons for the Heat, winning 2 with Lebron in 2012 and 2013. He has also solidified himself as a top 5 shooting guard of all time. He retired last season.

With the #3 overall pick the Denver Nuggets select Carmelo Anthony

Anthony has lead on a stellar career. While he has spent time on the Nuggets, Knicks, Thunder and Trail Blazers, he has yet to win a title with any of them. In the 2012-2013 season, he propelled the Knicks to the 2 seed while defeating Kevin Durant to take home the scoring crown.

4. Raptors select Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh was known for revolutionizing the big man positions. In his career on the Raptors and Heat, Bosh has become one of the best 3 point shooters in the league, as well as one of the best 3 point shooting big men of all time. While his career was cut short early due to heart problems, there is no doubt that Bosh helped revolutionize the game of basketball.

5. Miami Heat select: Kyle Korver

While we are on the subject of three point shooting and the 2003 draft, you can’t forget about Kyle Korver. Korver is known for his quick off ball speed to get open, catch a pass and fire a three. And when Korver gets open you can guarantee a swish to follow. Korver has played on 7 teams over his career. He was originally picked 51st by the Nets our of Creighton, and was traded to the 76ers for cash considerations.

6. Clippers select: Josh Howard

Originally taken by the Mavericks withy the 29th pick, Howard put together an amazing career. Despite only having played 11 seasons, he flourished with the Mavs, avenging 14 points and 6 boards in his 7 seasons there. The 1 time all stars career was cut short due to ACL injury’s.

7. Bulls select: David West

David west has had one of the best careers of any NBA player. West had a 15 year career split between 4 teams, and failed to disappoint even as a role player. West is a 2 time all star and put up a career 13 points per game as well as 6 rebounds.

8. Bucks select Boris Diaw

Diaw was never a simple player. He always used his short power forward build and his Likely passing ability to run high speed offenses both the 2014 spurs in the infamous seven seconds or less Suns teams coached by Mike Dantoni. Over his 16 year career he averaged nine points, four rebounds and three assists.

9. Knicks select Kirk Heinrich

Despite never being a star in the league, Kirk helped the Bulls recovery from Michael Jordan, as he helped keep them relevant during the 2000s. Despite only playing 13 seasons, he bulls lead the bulls in all-time three-pointers made and was 8th on the bulls all time scoring list.

10. Wizards select Zaza Pachulia

While he will never be viewed as an all-time great, Zaza how was known for being one of the many sleepers in this 2003 draft class. He was known for doing dirty work in the paint, as well as being one of the many Warriors role-playing centers for the late 2010s.

By Myst