Teams went into the draft with better situations; some had higher picks, some had more picks, but no team got as lucky this year as the Washington Wizards. Sitting at pick 9 with no name involved with trade rumors, the Wizards were bound to make a pick for the best player available. \However, the Wizards got a blessing. Somehow, Deni Avdija fell to the Wizards at pick 9, especially when he was ranked top 3 by some teams.

This pick for the Wizards may have been the team’s best move over the past few seasons. In Washington, Deni can come in and be a missing piece to a team that could have a shot at knocking off better teams in the eastern conference.

Deni might not transform this team into a contender, but he can help them beat teams by doing whatever the coach will need. He is the one player in this class that you can plug into offense and he will be able to succeed.

And thats not all. The Wizards also traded their 37th overall pick for the 53rd overall pick, who just happened to be Cassius Winston. WInston is an amazingly underated player and deserved much more regonation then he has had so far.

He was a star in college, and I expect him to do wonders for the Wizards when he steps onto the NBA floor.

So who won the draft? Not the Warriors, not the Timberwolves, but the Washington Wizards.

By Myst