The NBA All-Stars have been selected. Kevin Durant and Lebron James have unsurprisingly been selected as captains, joined with a dozen elite players that have established themselves as game-changers and leaders in their respective teams. These All-Star Selections are appropriate, for the most part, and make sense. These players are incredible and most are having record seasons, leading their teams to the thick of playoff contention while proving their skill to the rest of the NBA.

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And then, there’s Ben Simmons. I truly fail to understand the hype surrounding the point guard turned giant. He is, to clarify, fifty thousand times the athlete I’ll ever be. I would never set myself in a position above him, but when I compare him with other players that were snubbed from the All-Star selections (I see you, Damontis Sabonis), I cannot help but think that there are several other better NBA All-Star Selections.

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And on the other end, why was Damian Lillard not selected as a starter? While he and Stephen Curry, the man many have dubbed the NBA’s “Golden Boy”, have had statistically similar seasons, Lillard has led a much less talented roster to a higher win/loss percentage and, at the time of this writing, seems to have performed better under pressure than the rusty point guard out of Akron, Ohio.

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The selection of Nikola Vucevic probably should have been changed to Michael Conley, although the reason this did not happen is quite apparent: to do so would put three players from the Utah Jazz on the All-Star team, showing apparent favoritism.

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My final piece of contention with the All-Star selections may appear biased, but it is quite the opposite. Zach Lavine should have been an all-star starter instead of Kyrie Irving. Kyrie took multiple days off for “mental issues”, although he was seen at several parties during this time. While his overall statistics have been excellent, I believe he has not performed at the level necessary for this selection.

Lavine, on the other hand, is just the opposite. He has worked incredibly hard, leading a team of young nobodys to a respectable record. Under his leadership, the Bulls have scored the third-most points during clutch moments and have been in the upper echelon of the NBA in 4th quarter points and buzzer-beaters.

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Furthermore, Lavine has shown incredible leadership and durability in the face of hardship. He hasn’t left his team and refuses to give up on them, proving his maturity and deep desire to win. For these reasons, I believe he would have been an appropriate selection on the starting roster.

Unfortunately, these selections will not be changed. The 2021 NBA All-Star Selections are set in stone. Nothing can change this. Nothing is perfect, however, especially when it comes to All-Star selections.

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