As of now, the Brooklyn Nets are one of the hardest teams to play against on a nightly basis. Their roster is loaded top to bottom with great scorers like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Caris Levert, and Spencer Dinwiddie, all of whom are some of the best scorers in the league.

And with an overload of offensive-minded players like these, trades must be made. Title teams are not just built with the best players. They are built by acquiring the best fitting players, and the players who work the best together. After all, basketball is a team sport.

Now the catch of these is that all of them are realistic. Kyrie, KD, and Deandre Jordan, therefore, are untouchable. The Nets also won’t be trading any picks.

Trade #1: Nets jump into the lottery?

Brooklyn Nets Trade: Taurean Prince, Caris Levert, and Jarret Allen,
Detroit Pistons Trade: Blake Griffen and the 7th overall pick.

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This trade seems strange for Brooklyn right off the bat. Trade for a lottery pick? Are they not contending? The answer to that question is yes. The Nets need this pick here because of one player, and that is Obi Toppin. Toppin is an NBA ready prospect at age 22 and will have 4 seasons where the Nets will be able to play a budding prospect while paying him around 4 million dollars a season. He can also be a future building piece for the team if they plan on not bringing back KD or Kyrie.

Brooklyn has to take on the large Blake Griffen contract, but it is worth it if you get to offload your own bad contract in Taurean Prince and receive a high pick in return. It might be concerning for fans to give up Jarett Allen for much less value, but at this point in his career, there will be a team willing to pay him more money than the Nets can afford, and he will walk in free agency for nothing.

The Pistons on the other hand do this deal in a heartbeat. They acquire a pair of budding stars with Allen and Levert and take on a better contract in Prince. They only have to give up pick 7 in a notably poor draft class, which makes it easier to make this trade.

Trade #2: Let’s keep the stars happy.

Brooklyn Nets Trade: Caris Levert
Milwalkee Bucks Trade: Eric Bleadsoe and Kyle Korver via sign and trade

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Both teams want to to this trade for one reason. Keeping the stars happy. Bledsoe is often a shooting liability and is not at all a good fit next to Giannis. Levert needs the ball in his hands and therefore is a bad fit with KD and Kyrie. However, swapping the two makes Bledsoe a 6th man of the year candidate and Levert a top option on a championship team.

The Nets also receive Korver in a sign and trade, and he can be used to replace or help mentor the pending free agent Joe Harris.

Trade #3: More bubble Levert?

Brooklyn Nets trade: Caris Levert
Orlando Magic Trade: Aaron Gordon

Magic missing Aaron Gordon, 2 others while Sixers miss Ben Simmons

The Nets get to acquire a power forward to play alongside KD, Kyrie, and Deandre, and the Magic gets back a franchise SG. The Magic need to pull the trigger for this trade so they can capitalize on Gordon’s value, as he has only shown glimpses of fitting in with the Magic during his career there. The Nets get their guy to play with Deandre Jordon in the frontcourt. They do this while trading a guy who would fit poorly with the roster as is.

Trade #4: Brooklyn find their PF

Brooklyn Nets Trade: Caris Levert and Taurean Prince
Cleveland Cavaliers Trade: Kevin Love and Kevin Porter Jr.

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This trade idea is very similar to the Blake Griffen one. The Nets are able to acquire an over-paid power forward and a young player or asset and only have to give up one of their young players and a bad contract. The Nets accept this trade to get Kevin Love, who can push them over the edge and play alongside KD and Kyrie. They also get KPJ who can be a valuable bench scorer.

The Cavs do this deal for one reason and that is Levert. He can play the 2 or the 3 and could possibly be a key to the Cavs future. This puts them into the position to win soon, especially if they can use the 5th pick correctly.

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