On August 20th, 1000 ping pong balls will be put into a ball and blown around; and those every ping pong balls may decide the path the NBA will take over the next few seasons. And for one team, the right bounce of the balls could set them up for life. With about a 37% chance of leapfrogging into the top 4, now is the best time to do it. Over the last couple of seasons, this team has been loaded with bad trades and broken promises and overall, poor management. So if anyone needs to catch a break in this years NBA draft lottery, it’s the New York Knicks.

Over the past few seasons, luck has never sided with the Knicks. Falling from 1 to 4 and 2016, and from 1 to 3 this past lottery, the lottery has not treated the Knicks well. And after missing out on KD and Kyrie I’m free agency, the Knicks need to get some luck now. And what a better time then now. 

While this has been described as a lackluster draft class my many experts, there is a few draft prospects that would fit in perfectly with the Knicks system. Who you ask? None other than Lamelo Ball and Anthony Edwards.

Being able to draft a top player from this class would be amazing for the Knicks. Both Ball and Edwards could click right in with the Knicks’ system. Both guards would be able to play their preferred position on the court. And New York would be the perfect place for Ball and Edwards to shine. Everyone knows about Lamelos father Lavar, and New York would be the best place to harness Lavars outlandish personality. Edwards would also get the opportunity to lead a team in NY, something he had experience doing in college at Georgia. 

If the Knicks were able to snag one of these top prospects and side them into their system, they could spice up the already enticing young core. Just a lucky bounce and the Knicks could be set up for years to come. 

By Myst