Jokic’s nickname is the Joker for a reason. He is unpredictable. He can pass, shoot, and do loads of other things the rest of the NBA’s big men can’t. However, he lacks lots of skill on the defensive end and is not athletic whatsoever. However, the team that I will build now will make up for Jokics weakness, as well as capitalize on his strengths. So here we go, the best team for Nikola Jokic.

PG: Donavan Mitchell

I chose Mitchell for a few reasons to be the PG. While he might not be a natural point guard, the team is configured to have lots of people who can handle the ball, and Donovan can be one of them. I also think that sometimes he can use his athleticism to be a plus on the defensive end. He can run a good pick and roll with Jokic and they can score a LOT. Overall this makes the team around Jokic great offensively, and when we give them great defenders to put around them, we get a much better team. 

SG: Jrue Holiday

Keeping up with the trend of good ball handlers, Jrue Holiday makes the cut to be the starting 2 guard. He can handle the ball when Jokic and Mitchell aren’t, and can knock down open threes. When your playing with a guy like Jokic, that works perfectly. He can also aid Mitchell on the wing, and keep the backcourt strong defensively. This fit is almost flawless here. 

SF: OG Anunoby

Next to Jokic at the small forward, you have to have a lockdown defender, and nothing says that more than OG Anunoby. He is a long and lanky defender who can cover the ground that Jokic cannot. He isn’t the most efficient player offensively, but there is room for him to play in the right system. 

PF: Jokic

Now you may be shocked that I put Jokic at the 4, but considering that he is a bad defender and the best player to play alongside him is a 5, I slid him down a position. And it’s not like it will be too hard for him. He can shoot, pass and rebound like most other 4s, and can continue to do what he likes the most; facilitate. 

C: Brook Lopez

To round out the team we have a perfect fit around Jokic in Brook Lopez. Brook is a great shooter and a great rim protector. This duo will also be able to rebound well.

Final Pros of this team:

-Great Rebounding

-Multiple Ball Handlers

-All shooters

Finals cons of this team:

-Lack of Athleticism in the front court

-Lots of people who need the ball

-May not be the most efficient from behind the arc. 

By Myst