This NBA Draft is loaded with talent at the top, despite not being regarded as a good class. Nonetheless, there are still tons of great players, even if some are loaded in the same positions. but I thought that this would be an interesting and fun way to rank the players of this draft, taking into account fit on teams and more. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Starting 5:

PG: Lamelo Ball
SG: Anthony Edwards
SF: Deni Avdija
PF: Obi Toppin
C: Onyeka Okungwu

Wth many teams at the top of the draft in need of a wing, there is no doubt Edwards will be picked in the top 3 come draft night.

Now there may be one large surprise for readers with this. Wheres James Wiseman? Well for this case, I want to assemble the best team right now. I think that down the line Wiseman could be a star, but he has boom or bust potential, and especially next to Toppin, no one needs a ball-dominant big. Okungwu can be a lob threat from Ball and can play better defense then Wiseman. I might choose Wiseman over Okungwu in the draft, but as of now, Onyeka is the better player. Otherwise, I think this is an almost consensus agreement on the top players at these positions.

Second Unit:

PG: Tyrese Haliburton
SG: Issac Okoro
SF: Devin Vassell
PF: Aaron Nesmith
C: James Wiseman

Nesmith is notably the best shooter of the class. He shot 52% from beyond the ark on over 8 attempts a game.

I think that for the bench, the lineup is easily set. And to be honest its a really talented lineup from 1-5. I like it mostly because of the shooting from each position too, and it feels very high paced. If this were my bench, I would be elated. You only have 2 guys who can really create in Wiseman and Haliburton, but the wings are just good enough to be a great second unit. I have my concerns about Okoro and how his game will translate into the NBA, but I think he would be a great fit on almost every team, especially those in need of defense.

Bench Warmers/Injury Replacements/3rd Stringers

PG/SG: Killian Hayes
PF/C: Precious Achiuwa
PF/SF: Patrick Williams
SF/PF: Saddiq Bay

At age 21, Bey is one of the oldest prospects in this class, which among other things have affected his draft stock.

I think that these guys right here all have great potential in the NBA as quality role players on a title team. However, their skillsets and inconsistencies lead me to drop them to this tier. Hayes could be a great scorer and passer in the NBA, but his defense makes it hard for me to see him starting on a great team. And his small 6″5 176lbs. frame makes it hard for me to believe in any potential there. And it’s almost the exact opposite with Williams and Achiuwa. They seem like they could both be defensive studs but lack an offensive presence that can help the team win. And I could see them become solid post scorers and finishers but they haven’t shown any of it in college. And with Bey, I worry about his consistency. He showed flashes of skill, but I doubt he can do what he did in college on a nightly basis. As a forward on the smaller side, he has received comparisons to Draymond Green but lacks the playmaking for that comparison to be even close.

By Myst