On October 18th at 6 PM Eastern Time, the deadline hit for NBA teams and players to agree on contract extensions. As the day went on, deals were made that will set up teams for the future, and some teams and players left the table without coming to a deal. This article takes the biggest headlines from the day and will grade them for both the team and the player effectiveness. It will take into account the deal itself, the pressure to make the deal from the team, and the projection of the player’s ability to perform up to the value of the contract.

Jaren Jackson Jr Extended by the Grizzlies

Jaren Jackson Jr | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

Jackson and the Grizzlies agreed to a huge extension yesterday. The deal will last 4 seasons after this one and has incentives that could reach the deal up to $27 million yearly.

This deal makes a lot of sense for both parties. The Grizzlies, on one hand, have to extend Jackson at the price they could. Jackson is a valuable young asset to the team and the Grizzlies want to have him on lock. It also makes sense that Jackson would want to remain in Memphis because of his connection to the team, who he has been with his entire career to this point. He also can make more money if he remains there.

However, this deal is risky for the Grizzlies. Jackson only played 11 games last season, and while he showed potential, his input on the game was significantly down from previous years. This is concerning, but ultimately the Grizzlies should not be too worried. They have their potential start on the team for 5 more years, and that is something Memphis fans should smile about.

Jaren Jackson Jr: A-
Memphis Grizzlies: B-

Deandre Ayton and Pheonix Suns Fail to Agree on Extention

Vecenie: Why Suns' decision not to extend Deandre Ayton is baffling – The  Athletic

The Suns and their center Deandre Ayton were unable to agree on an extension before the 6 PM deadline. Ayton was a large piece of the Suns’ title run and their inability to resign him could prove deadly. His value to other teams is high, but the former #1 overall pick not resigning is incredibly rare, and should be incredibly concerning to Suns fans.

The issue reported was that Ayton demanded a maximum rookie-scale extension, but it was not given to him. The Suns’ unwillingness to give Ayton the money that most say deserves is very gutsy. If Ayton becomes very unhappy, and there are reports that this has happened, then the Suns risk losing him for nothing in free agency, which is a fans worst nightmare.

Deandre Ayton: B
Phoenix Suns: D+

Micheal Porter Jr. Signs Max Extention with Nuggets

MPJ is MIA: Michael Porter Jr. is the biggest mystery in Denver -

Tim Connelly has been prepared to spend to bring a championship home to Denver since 2013. And he has. Connelly, the Nugget’s president of basketball operations, has devoted approximately $150 million into the Denver Core Four: Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, Aaron Gordon, and Micheal Porter Jr. And now, the Porter extension. A direct show that the Nuggets are serious about contending for the Finals. Now it’s time for him to return the investment.

The Nuggets have the players to make it to the playoffs without Jamal Murray. But until Murray returns, they cannot be a conference-level threat. Not unless Porter is grinding consistently every week, and focusing on his primary areas of improvement. It’s crucial that Porter understands the role he needs to take on and fulfil following not only this extension, but also the absence of Murray. He knows that there’s more to it than just being a great scorer. Because if Porter can perform the way Tim Connelly needs him to, the extension will be worth it for both parties.

Micheal Porter Jr.: A-
Denver Nuggets: A

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