This offseason was expected to be an interesting one, but no one expected what we have so far. All-stars have been traded, and contending teams have gotten role players who can take them to the promised land. However before the season, starts, and these teams play games when fully complete, let’s try to grade the trades for each team.

Bucks Land a 3rd Star

Bucks Trade: George Hill, Eric Bledsoe and 5 first round picks
Pelicans Trade: Jrue Holiday
Bucks Grade: C+
Pelican Grade A-

The Bucks here have gotten the opportunity to retain their superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, but with this move, they lose a lot of depth. They also make a big risk of trading a lot of their future picks in the hopes that they can use Jrue to make the title push they have always wanted to. The Pels get extra value for Holiday but tie up cap space in future years by taking on Hill and Bledoes’s large contracts

Chris Paul To Phoenix

Suns Trade: Kelly Oubre Jr. Ricky Rubio, Ty Jerome Jalen Leque, and a First Round Pick
Thunder Trade: Chris Paul and Abdul Nader
Suns Grade: B+
Thunder Grade: A

It is clear that the Suns overpaid for former all-star Chris Paul, but it was worth it. The Suns need to keep Devin Booker happy, and they did just that with this move. The Thunder also get to add to their young core as well as add to their stockpile of first-round picks, even if this one won’t be at the top.

Trail Blazers get Covington

Trail Blazers Trade: Trevor Ariza and 2 First Round Picks
Rockets Trade: Robert Covington
Trail Blazers Grade: A
Rockets Grade: A+

Both teams here are winning with this deal. The Blazers now have the team that they think can make a finals push. The Rockets get a pair of first-round picks in this deal, for a role player who would have moved on and hurt their tank. Overall, this is a big win for both teams, and each should be glad that they got a deal done. 

By Myst