Being the son of Lebron James is a challenge, with all the media attention following your social life wherever it goes. Children of B-List celebrities must get tons of attention. Now think about the attention you could get if your dad is one of the best 2 players play basketball, one of America’s most popular sports?

Now, this must be challenging for any child to have media outlets talking about everything you do and say as if you are the leader of a nation, and anything you say could be a code about the next war being started.

And not to mention, you play basketball at one of the middle tier basketball high schools, which you brought fame too just by your name. Based on who his father is, this is normal for Lebron James Jr.

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Now Bronny’s school Sierra Canyon has not been known as a top high school compared to the likes of Oak Hill and IMG Academy. However, they do have a solid group of alumni and other top talents around Bronny. Notable players include Marvin Bagley III, Scottie Pippen Jr, Amari Baily, and with the current hype surrounding the school, there will be many more big names in the future.

Chris Palmer of ESPN’s “The Undefeated” has called this team “the most hyped team in hoops,” and that is no understatement. Lebron James Jr and his highschool team are so relevant that even CNN had to comment on the team. They said in an article that “But this is no ordinary high school basketball team, and this is no ordinary high school.”

And it is in no way an ordinary high school. But that’s what you get when you’re the son of a future hall of fame player. Now the Sierra Canyon Basketball team has its deal, but there is a big question that needs an answer, and I think I can do just that.

Will Lebron James Jr. live up to the hype?

Now long story short, the answer is no and that will never change. However, this has nothing to do with Bronny has a player or anything that he has done in the past. This is all about the hype, and the fact that for a player in a situation like him, living up to the hype is impossible.

Zion Williamson is another player who will never live up to the hype. He may be a hall of fame caliber player, but the Lebron James comparisons will never go away. And people say similar things about Bronny.

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Bronny will never be as good as his father, no matter how well he plays in the NBA once he gets there. However, this is not the end of the question. Bronny not being able to be like his dad is not a fair evaluation point.

How good will Bronny actually be?

As much as I wish I could give a slight outlook on the answer to this question, it will not happen. Judging by his age, we won’t even know his full height by the end of high school.

Hight is a large factor in playstyle, skills, and development for all players, so it is unfair to judge Bronny just yet.

As of now, he has a very similar play style to Dwayne Wade. Both love getting to the rim and are above average playmakers. However, this is not a career projection but is just a playstyle comparison. There will never be an accurate career arc prediction this early into someone’s basketball playing career.

Wade left. Bronny right.

By Myst