This summer in the bubble, Lebron James strung together some of the best performances of his career and took the Lakers to the NBA finals, and to beat the Heat in 6 games to win his 4th finals. This also is Lebron’s 10th finals appearance. You read that right. 10th. Let’s make a list of all the players with more. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Bill Russel, and Sam Jones. And if we’re being completely truthful, this is nowhere near the end for Lebron.

LeBron James is AP male athlete of the year for fourth time - Los Angeles  Times

“My son is in ninth grade, man. We’re tryin’ to worry about what project he’s gotta turn in tomorrow, that’s what we worried about right now. That’s what’s most important: school, home, and being the best big brother he can be.”

Lebron James on the possibility of playing with his son last year.

Lebron James Jr. will be 16 within the coming weeks, and could be eligible to play NBA basketball just two years later, While he likely will be required to wait a year removed from high school, I bet Lebron will be able to wait that long. After all, he has expressed how he would love to play with his son in the future.

However, this mark for Bron shows more. We see him be able to take a squad lead by him and Anthony Davis, just to be surrounded by 10-12 scrubs to play 25 minutes a game. Very few of them actually have a lot to contribute offensively other the Kyle Kuzma every third night.

LeBron James continues to expand our concept of excellence

Now, this is not a knock on Lakers players and the team. There are some solid players on that team without a doubt. However, the case I will make, is how Lebron actually makes them better and elevates them to a level they would not be on beforehand. Players like Alex Caruso and Kyle Kuzma would never be as good as they are if it were not for Lebron.

Markazi: Laker Alex Caruso maintains GOAT status amid coronavirus - Los  Angeles Times

It is because of this that Lebron has made his 10th finals in his past 12 seasons. What happened in 2009 and 2019? Delonte West and an injured groin. For all, we know without those to issues, Lebron would have gone to double the number of finals as M.J., his main competitor in the GOAT debate.

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Lebron has made it clear that this isn’t the end, or anywhere near it. The Lakers are looking like one of the best teams in the NBA and Lebron could be on his way to winning back to back finals. and will have his second chance at a three-peat.

LeBron James makes it clear to Cleveland Cavaliers he's still in  'championship mode' |

James has dominated the league for a long time, and it seems clear that he will continue to do for the rest of his career.

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