#1 Denver Nuggets

While they have 0 finals appearances, Dever have drafted and fostered many amazing NBA talents over the years such as Carmelo Anthony, Nikola Jokic and others. They were also the homes of Alex English, Fat Lever, and Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. 

#2 Memphis Grizzlies

In their short time in Memphis, there have been a number of infamous Memphis teams, including the likes of the grit and grind team of 2012-2013. While they never made a huge splash in the post season, they have been a good team consistently and currently still have an amazing young core.

#3 Minisoda Timberwolves    

While the Wolves have been home to many amazing power forewords like Kevin Garnett and Kevin Love, but they have failed time and time again to harness their talent.

#4 New Orleans Pelicans

Like the Wolves, the Pels have been known for some amazing talents in the past. However they still have yet to succeed. This could still change in the future with Zion and the rest if their young core.

#5 LA Clippers

While the Clippers have a great shot at this years title, they have not been as good in the past. There fore they have overall been worse than most of three teams. 

#6 Charlotte Hornets

The Hornets have been flat out one of the worst teams in NBA history. They have had very little talent and have failed to make anything out of it.

By Myst