Despite not being talked about often, the debate of the greatest franchise of all time is actually a very close call between a pair of great teams. The two-sided debate comes down to two teams that have been around for a long time, amassing many NBA championships as well as sending many of their star players to the NBA Hall Of Fame. These teams are the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Both teams have amazing cases for being the better franchise. The Celtics dominated the 60s era, winning the title in 7 consecutive years, and 9 total. However, since then, the Lakers have outplayed the Celtics, winning 13 titles since 1972, compared to the Celtics 6. And even when they weren’t winning titles, the Lakers have made it to the finals 32 times, while the Celtics have only made 21.

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When it comes down to the regular season, the advantage is split. While the Celtics have 31 more wins, the Lakers have a win percentage that is just .004 higher, as the Celtics have played 110 more games. An argument can be made for either team based on these stats.

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Taking a turn to the best players, this too is a split category. The Celtics have had 38 players inducted into the Hall of Fame, 8 more than the Lakers, but this category is subjective. People make the argument about eras, and that Bill Russell and many of the Hall Of Famers who played with him played against the worse competition. Some also say that when you look at the top 10-20 players of all time, there have been many more Lakers than Celtics.

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After taking a good look at these stats, I have come to the conclusion that the Lakers are the greatest franchise of all time. The Lakers have more players at the top, and by the end of the season, they may have yet another title, and boost themselves over the Celtics in total titles. This is a close battle, but ultimately the Lakers have the edge.

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