Yesterday afternoon, Rockets coach Mike Dantoni announced that he would not return to coaching the team and would become a free agent. He had been the Rockets coach since 2016, and has yet to take the team lead by scoring machine James Harden in all four seasons. For his last half-season in Houston, the general manager Daryl Morrey decided to run a small ball lineup with 6’5 P.J. Tucker starting at center. However it clearly failed as they went 5-8 in the playoffs.

And what is next for the Rockets? Lets see!

Trade P.J. Tucker

If I was put on the spot to describe Tucker’s postseason play, I would say disappointing. He played well in their first-round and nullified Thunder Center Steven Adams, but overall played poorly in round 2 vs the Lakers. After this performance, it is clear that they must move on.

Trade for a floor-spacing big man

The issue with the Rockets was not the size, it was the skill. They didn’t need a smaller center, they needed one better suited for their team. And they should look no further than LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love, as they should both be available in trade talks this offseason.

Find the right coach

As we have learned in the past, the best teams have the RIGHT coaches for their teams, That it what the Rockets need to do. They need someone who can push around Harden and Russ and put this team right back on the winning track.

By Myst