In the NBA bubble, the Miami Heat were 2 wins away from the team’s 4th ever championship. Now, they sit at 7-14 on the season and 13th in the eastern conference. This also happens to seed them as the 4th worst team in the league.

In the offseason, the Heat lost no key players. They added Precious Achiuwa with the 20th overall pick, as well as stole Avery Bradley from the Lakers in free agency. However, due to various injuries, Bradley has played in only 8 of the 19 games the Heat have played this season.

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In the past, the Heat have been a team know for their defensive identity. The Heat worked hard on both sides of the ball to make it as far as they did.
However, this year’s slow start can be attributed to many off-the-court issues that are not the Heat’s fault.

For starters, Heat all-star Jimmy Butler has missed 12 of the Heat’s 21 games. While he has played well in the 9 games he has played in, his absence has worn down on the Heat. And in these 12 games, the Heat are 3-9.

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With one of the worst records in the league, what is the plan for the team moving forward?

The Heat need no change, and I can assure you of that.

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If any team knows how much the playoffs matter, it’s the Heat. Despite being the 5th seed last year, they beat 3 teams with higher seeds to make it to the finals. This young and fast team is battle-tested. Almost everyone on that team has made a final run before, and it will show come playoff time.

And to all the Heat fans: as much as your record may be concerning, for now, Jimmy Butler will make things happen come playoff time. Just wait and see.

By Myst