On Feb 8, 2021, the New York Knicks traded Dennis Smith Jr. and a second-round pick to the Detroit Pistons. This was the most recent move the Knicks have made, as they finished off an offseason in which many moves were made. The offseason consisted of drafting Obi Toppin (8th overall) and Immanuel Quickley (25th overall), as well as signing Nerlens Noel, Alec Burkes, and Austin Rivers to short-term deals. These signings seemed insignificant at the time, but these 3 players have become huge role players for the Knicks, with an exceptional play on the court and being a few of the many players on that Knicks team who provide a veteran presence for the young core.

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The Knicks currently stand in the middle of the pack in the Eastern Conference at a record of 21-21. It also must be mentioned that they peaked as a 4 seed earlier this winter. Because of this unexpected success, the large market Knicks have found themselves in rumors about players such as Lonzo Ball, Zach Lavine, Myles Turner, and even the likes of Victor Olidipo as the trade deadline approaches. The Knicks have. a loaded arsenal of draft picks, young players, and salary filler to make almost any trade possible.

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It should not go without saying that the Knicks are looking for a spot in the 2021 playoffs, so the buyout market should be a place the Knicks look towards after the March 25th trade deadline. If they do not get traded, players like LaMarcus Aldridge and Andre Drummond may become free agents, and would be prime candidates for the Knicks to sign for the remainder of the season. The Knicks have the cap space, as well as the team culture to be a feasible destination for both Drummond and Aldridge.

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And even if the Knicks do not end up with any of these players, the fact that these fans have something to look forward to at the trade deadline is something to be excited about. The rumors may never amount to any action, but as the Knicks begin the Leon Rose era, these rumors are a sign that times are changing in New York.

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