When all is said and done, Damien Lillard will not be considered one of the greatest players of all time. Here’s why. Recently, Dame Dolla has played amazing and has been in consideration and is noted as a favorite for the bubble MVP. While Dame has yet to build up a notable award history, he without a doubt has the skill set to put him into the Hall of Fame. And yet, he will not go down as a top point guard or as a top player of his time. Here’s why

  1. No MVPs

We all know Lillerd as one of the best players in the league, but he has no hard award to prove him as the best of the best in just a single season. If you look at all the great PGs, most of them have at least one. And for those who don’t, they are one of the more underrated players of all time.

  1. No titles or great teams

While yes Dame is an amazing player he has never been surrounded with the right players to win him a title. It is amazing that he has spent his entire career on the same team but never made it to the NBA finals once in his career. I hope it changes soon, but for now Dame remains without a title

  1. His normal physique. 

This may seem like an oddbal to throw in but it makes a lot of sense. Most all tkme great point guards get highly underated. It is always assumed that Magic is the best, but there are many factors leading into that. Magic is one of the best ever to play his position, and a top 10 player of all time, and still had a better player then him on his team. That guy was Kareem Abdul-Jabber. He also is about half a foot taller then the average point guard. And in a league where defenders were much weaker, Magic had all the tools to succeed. For example if Dame was 6”9 and was on the same team as Giannis, he would be just this close to the GOAT convo. 

So while Dame may be the most fun player to watch, he will still be one of the most underappreciated players of all time. 

By Myst