Bucks/Heat results

Even as a Bucks fan, the Bucks/Heat results have been rather….surprising. Quite honestly, I don’t think too many people expected the Bucks to destroy the Heat so badly. In fact, some people have re-nicknamed the Heat into the “Miami Cold”. Corny, I know, but mildly amusing, especially given the state of Miami’s shooting.

The surprise of Miami’s ice-cold shooting and seeming inability to guard any of Milwaukee’s players has begun to wear off. Many have stated that they saw this coming a long way off, and perhaps they did. It shouldn’t have been very difficult to predict this outcome, and none of us should be very surprised. The Bucks/Heat results were predictable and should have nobody stunned.

Let’s think about this for a second. Last year, Miami dominated a bubble-stunned Giannis Antetekuonmpo and his defence-less (see what I did there?) team, completing a “gentleman’s sweep” in 5 games. Now, the opposite is true, as Milwaukee leads 3 games to zero. Again, why are we surprised?

Milwaukee made some incredibly thoughtful offseason additions, too. They added a much-needed point guard in Jrue Holiday, along with serious bench depth in Bryn Forbes, P.J Tucker, and Bobby Portis. They have played like an entirely different team and are a real force to be reckoned with.

Miami, on the other hand, made one addition with Victor Oladipo, who promptly hurt his quadriceps tendon and will be out for the season. A good move, to be fair, but one that did not help them against the Bucks.

In addition, I have just received word that Donte DiVincenzo is out for the season. Although his loss is not nearly as crippling as that of Victor Oladip, it will make this series even more interesting to watch.

Regardless, looking into this matchup before the playoffs began, it was pretty clear who was the more dominant team. Giannis has only gotten better, Jrue Holiday provides sorely-needed defensive help, and Bryn Forbes is apparently the next Marcus Smart, dropping double digits off the bench at will. This Bucks team looks strong, confident, and shows real team chemistry. Seeing them make a deep playoff run would prove just as unsurprising as their easy victories over the stumbling Heat.

All in all, the three games played between these teams have been electrifying to watch. I truly haven’t had this much fun since the play-in tournament, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the playoffs turn out.

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By Elisha Mcfarland

Writer, blogger, NBA and NFL fan.