When it comes to defining the legacies of the greats, one of the most important subjects is the awards. MVPs, DPOYs, and ROTYs are all crucial to how we view players during and after their careers. Therefore, the debates about these awards never fail to get heated. And this year as much as ever, it is important to make the right picks. So without further ado, here are my picks for every award for this season.

Most Valueble Player: Stephan Curry, Warriors

Runner Up: Kevin Durant, Nets

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Curry has put on a show this season, to say the least. He has been balling out for the Warriors, with three 40 point games, and a ton of flashy highlights. His road to the MVP is as simple as possible; if the Warriors keep winning, Curry will win MVP. The Warriors have lost just two games this season and should remain on top for most of the rest of the season, especially as Klay Thompson is expected to return soon.

My reasoning behind Durant being the runner-up, is that he is around the same level as Curry, but the Nets are performing slightly worse. The Nets are 13-5, and while atop the east, they are not at the level of the Warriors. Durant has had a spectacular season, but Curry will likely be MVP due to the Warriors having outperformed the Nets so far this season.

Deffensive Player of the Year: Rudy Gobert, Jazz

Runner Up: Draymond Green, Warriors

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Rudy Gobert has had just too great a season not to take home this award. His league leading 14.8 rebounds per game along with his 4th best 2.2 blocks per game make him as close to a lock for this award. Rudy Gobert’s ability to keep the ball out of the Jazz’s defending net has been better than anyone in the league, and Rudy should take home his 4th Defensive driving Player of the Year award.

However Draymond Green is an incredibly close second. The Warriors do-it-all big man has given the Warriors huslte, heart and leadership has been crucial fo the Warriors. While it might not show up in all the stats, anyone who watches Warriors games would know that Draymond should be in contention for this award, and he will likely stay that way for most of the season.

Most Improved Player:Ja Morant, Grizzlies

Runner Up: Miles Bridges, Hornets

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Having yet another leap in a players third season is rather uncommon, but it seems that Ja Morant has done just that. He has gone from a solid second season with the Grizzlies to one in which he has been nothing short of spectacular, with 24 points per game, a 5 point leap from the previous year. This aling with the Girzzlies improved play has made this award an easy desiciojn. Ja Morant has improved the most.

Howveer Ja Morant’s crazy leap is not the only leap that took place. Miles Bridges turned down an extention this offseason, and is showing why he deserved much more. Bridges has taken a huge lead, going up to 20 points, and improbing signifigantly in rebounds assists, steals, and blocks. Bridges’ major leap has turned him into a centerpeince of the Hornets future.

Rookie of the Year: Evan Mobley, Cavaliers

Runner Up: Josh Giddey, Thunder

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Evan Mobley has been nothing short of spectacular this season. He is an offensive force with 14.5 points per game, and has been a deffensive one as well with nearly two blocks and a steal per game. While the Cavaliers may not have had the best season as of late, this is mainly due to inuries. But Mobely’s nearly continuous play has been game changing for Cleveland. The team has been doing well, and because so much of that falls on Mobely, he will take home the award.

While the runner up for this award is a race in its own, Oklahoma City’s do-it-all wing gets my vote.Josh Giddey has been nothing but stellar in all apsects this season. With nearly 11 points points and 6 assists per game, Giddey’s impact has been a large part of the Thunder’s little sucess this season on that side of the floor. On defense, Giddey is a hustler, and that is evident by the film, as well as his steal per game.

Coach of the Year: Steve Kerr, Warriors

Runner Up: Billy Donovan, Bulls

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This has been the Warriors year for revenge. After missing the playoffs last season, the Warriors came back with guns blazing, and currently lead the west. Curry will likely be the MVP with a phenominal season, and this is all without their star wing Klay Thompson who has missed nearly two years with a pair of major injuries. But nonetheless, the Warriors have powerd through to the top, meaning Steve Kerr is the coach of the year.

On the contrary, Donovan has done an amazing job with the Bulls this season, leading the team to a suprising start. In most normal years, Billy Donovan’s imcreadibly impressive start would result in him winning this award, but this year, the Warriors are just too good to not give the award to Kerr.

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