Sabrina Ionescu made New York Liberty history just a few nights ago, launching the first triple-double in the team’s history. This also happens to make Ionescu the youngest player in WNBA history to have a triple-double. She also joins Sharyl Swoopes and Margo Dydek as the only three WNBA players to record a triple-double in their first 100 games. Swoopes had hers at game 59. Dydek had a triple-double in her 98th game. And Sabrina Ionescu was able to put up one of the hardest feats in basketball in just her 6th game.

Sabrina Ionescu records her first WNBA triple-double - The Boston Globe

For some more backstory, Sabrina is surprisingly not a rookie. While it was only her 6th game, she missed all but 3 games in her first season due to an ankle injury that sidelined her for most of the pandemic season.

Sabrina Ionescu makes long-awaited return to the WNBA court | RSN

While this triple-double is a rare feat for the WNBA, it is not one for Ionescu. She had 26 triple-doubles in college. Everyone knew that she was going to be a special prospect, but no one expected her to be this effective this soon.

Former Oregon Ducks star Sabrina Ionescu ready for WNBA season

What is next for Sabrina exactly? She has a lot of her career ahead of her. Sabrina is only 23, and it is safe to say this wont be her only career triple double. While she may never surpass Russell Westbrook, it seems as though she has a bright career ahead of her.

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